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Corfu, the island of endless natural beauty, the island of song and music,of unending inspiration, a combination of the cosmopolitan and the traditional. The island will leave the visitor with unforgettable memories, excite him with unparalleled images and touch chords in his soul as he pays homage to the culture of the seven islands. How can we put in few words all the elements which make up this earthly paradise, this place which has been so generously blessed by God and which has been written about by so many illustrious writers and poets.


Corfu is the most northernmost and second largest after Cephalonia of the Ionian islands. Its area covers 592 square kilometers and the length of the island is 217 kilometers. It is mountainous with the highest mountain being Mt. Pantokrator (914 meters) but there are several flat areas ,the largest being the Ropa valley. There are two lakes , Korission and Antinioti, and four small rivers often dry in Summer at Potamos, Sidari, Messogghi and Lefkimi. The climate is mild without being bitterly cold in Winter and the Summers are humid. The heavy rainfall and the high humidity encourage the profuse growth of vegetation.


Corfu's rich mythology, history and beauty made it famous even from the ancient years. It has received the praises of the likes of Homer, Xenophon, Casanova and Beldelmonti and gained a special place in the wordwide literature and painting. An island full of mythical landscapes and historical monuments that demonstrate the greatness of the past allow each visitor to experience the magic and uniqueness of one of the most beautiful and full of life greek islands.


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